600 New Synagogues Photos Boost Digital Jewish Heritage Preservation in the Holy Land

TEL AVIV, Dec. 24 – Dozens of photographers, volunteers, professionals, and Wikipedia experts came together on Tuesday to celebrate and acknowledge the winning photos at the Wiki Loves Heritage Sites in Israel annual photography contest. The event, sponsored by the World Jewish Heritage Fund, was hosted by Mazeh 9, the Young Adults Center of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality.

This year’s contest had a unique addition to its awards list in the form of a new category: Best Synagogue photo. The winning photo was of the Arbel Ancient Synagogue, taken by Abraham Graicer. The prize, sponsored by the World Jewish Heritage Fund, aimed at creating a greater focus on tangible Jewish heritage conservation, in Israel of all places.

Out of the 5,619 photographs submitted to the contest, 600 were solely of synagogues across Israel that hold a great importance to Jewish heritage as a whole, and to its preservation in the Holy Land specifically.

“This project represent the true unity in diversity one can only find in Israel„ Jack Gottlieb, World Jewish Heritage Founder

All photos submitted to the contest can be found in Wikimedia Commons; All Synagogues presented in the photos will have extensive value pages written about them under a special Synagogues section at the WJHpedia, and will be accessible in over 80 languages.

“I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to add an extra value of Jewish heritage to the contest... this is one of many steps on our journey to create the world's biggest digital Jewish cultural heritage database„ Jack Gottlieb, World Jewish Heritage Founder

An exhibition of the photos will be hosted by the Interdisciplinary Center Herzlia (IDC) , at the Mark Rich Library, in cooperation with Hillel IDC and the World Jewish Heritage Fund, starting December 29th; the exhibition will run through the month of January and is open to the public. 

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